Logs transportation

Raw logs for shelled veneer production are transported from trees harvesters to the warehouse.

Hydro-thermal processing of logs

Plywood production begins with submerging logs into water (special pools) to retain moisture.

Cutting the logs

The logs then move on to a shop to be cut to size of 1625 mm.

Delivery to the accumulator

Logs continue along the production line to the peeling machine accumulator.

Peeling the logs

Logs are peeled, and veneer sheets come out of the peeling machine straight onto a conveyor. The thickness of veneer sheet is 1.5 mm.

Drying and sorting the veneers

The veneers are moved along the production line for drying. Then the veneer sheets are sorted, stacked in bundles and moved to the stage of gluing.

Gluing the veneers

Veneers are run through a gluing machine which rolls the glue onto the face and back of the veneer. They are then placed on top of an unglued veneer so that the stack alternates.

Pressing the veneers

Then the stacks are loaded into the press and pressed.

The pressing time depends on the thickness of the resultant plywood.

Cutting the plywood

Plywood boards are cut to size of 1525x1525 mm by using a four-sided format-edged machine then they are stacked in a bundle


Plywood boards go through the final grading process, then they are stacked up, banded together, and delivered to the warehouse.